Nick Caster's New Era Is Here: Partnership with Hilton Hotels and Chains in the Works - GRIND Weekly

Nick Caster's New Era Is Here: Partnership with Hilton Hotels and Chains in the Works - GRIND Weekly

Nick Caster's New Era Is Here: Partnership with Hilton Hotels and Chains in the Works - GRIND Weekly

Posted: 30 Dec 2020 05:41 PM PST

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Nick Caster is embarking on new ventures despite his music doing extremely well in all markets globally.

Initially, Nick was determined and passionate about working towards the spotlight as would any musician trying to pursue a career in the music and entertainment industry. Unlike most independent artists pushing their music without the help of a big machine, his success has been above and beyond the "norm". As a result of his hard work, talent and efforts of networking, he soon found himself creating the necessary relationships needed to progress into a world of promise.

He managed to release music that soared the iTunes as well as Billboard charts with multiple projects ranking in several genres: Dance, Pop and Christian/Gospel.

His most recent hit 'Tonight" managed to land itself in over 500 retailers including but not limited to Walmart, Best Buy, Sprint, Verizon, Subway, Little Ceasers Pizza, Dicks Sporting Goods, Commercial Malls, Tanger Outlet Malls, Nike, Hyatt, Hilton Hotels, Leslies Pools, Cricket, John Deer, Spectrio, Staples, Suncoast Credit Union, Pep Boys, Ace Hardware, etc., just to name a few.

The video ended up placing in 78 outlets both regionally and internationally including major media platforms such as MTV, Music Choice & OKTV all the way in Germany. It was also added to the PC/RX Music pool, currently rotating in resorts and retail outlets such as MGM Grand, Caesars Palace & The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.   

Check out what everyone's raving about below!

Now, while most would be gloating about all of the success coming their way, Nick on the other hand, has taken an interest in expanding his relationships and opportunities yet again, but this time for artists similar to himself who struggle with ways to make their music profitable. He recently inked a deal with Hilton Hotels and chains to secure Covid compliant, private property festivals to help artists gain more exposure through large audiences. In addition to the exposure, they can also earn by selling merchandise, CD's etc. He recently incorporated, Elite Entertainment, LLC with a private partner, and the company will soon act as a booking agency working with select artists who fit a specific profile and criteria for the Florida Beach, Clearwater, Sarasota and Miami markets. So far, Nick sees this as a great investment as he recently found interest from city officials who, like him, see potential in the idea of retreats and festivals bringing revenue to known tourist attractions that have taken tremendous falls following the pandemic. Furthermore, future event planning has already begun with the first event aimed to launch July 4th of 2021 and Spring break of 2022.

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While Nick's choices to put the pen and guitar down may have his fans questioning why, Nick seems to have his head set and determined on starting his new journey as an executive providing opportunities rather than the musician searching for them. With the success he has seen with pretty much anything he has placed his efforts into, everything actually looks pretty promising. If the new ventures end up becoming as successful as his career as a musician, it looks like Florida will be on its way to looking forward to an amazing world of fun, music, entertainment & opportunity and who better to bring it, but the man behind this phenomenal trail of success… Nick Caster.

He leaves us with these words

""You can do anything you put your mind, heart and soul into, all you have to simply do is "BELIEVE"."


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