Gambling City Gems Around the World - EconoTimes

Gambling City Gems Around the World - EconoTimes

Gambling City Gems Around the World - EconoTimes

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 11:18 PM PST

The current world of gambling has been widely overtaken by the online platform, with the casino coming to the gambler rather than the other way around. Online websites thrive on the provision of a gaming experience such as that of real-life casinos but at the tap of a few buttons.

However, nothing beats the adrenaline rush that comes with being on actual casino floors surrounded by the thrill of people looking to win big in different games. The land-based casino niche is undeniably set on a glamorous platform that has yet to be matched by that of the web, which can leave avid gamblers craving for some live action. If you would like to flutter yourself with the risky pursuit of location-based gambling, here are some cities that you can add to your list:


Macau is one of the two administrative regions in China, alongside Hong Kong, and boy is it a gambling site to behold. Since gaining independence from the Portuguese in 1999, Macau has marketed itself to the rest of the world as the place to be for the ultimate gambling experience. Over the years, the region has grown to become the gambling capital of the world, with more money flowing through its dens than anywhere else. The area has also snubbed the number one spot for most significant revenue collections in the past three years. The gambling popularity of Macau has seen major companies based in Las Vegas, such as MGM and Wynn Resorts, open branches in it, and it beats the experience on online sites like

Las Vegas

When most people think of brick and mortar gaming, their mind automatically conjures an image of Sin City. Las Vegas, well known by its nickname Sin City, has long held the title of the gambling capital before Macau snubbed it. Even so, the city still retains its glitz and glamour with a casino located on nearly all of its streets. The city is home to the world's most striking gambling clubs and resorts, which has built its reputation as an ideal tourist destination that sees millions of visitors every year. If your pockets allow, you can visit one of the casinos on the famous strip, including The Mirage, MGM Grand, and Caesar's Palace, among others. Other options can be explored in other areas of the city away from The Strip.


Reno serves as an ideal casino town for those who would like to enjoy a subtle gambling experience. This city, which is located near Nevada, is termed as the biggest little town in the world for offering a load of entertainment, but quietly. The region was actually the prime gambling destination in the first half of the twentieth century before Las Vegas stepped in and took over. The area is mainly preferred by residents of California for its proximity since one can drive and gamble for the night and be back home in time to face the next day.


Singapore has, in the past few years, scaled the global wealth ranks in such speed that has left most shocked. The once small and quiet nation is now making waves as a significant influence on the world's economy, and the gambling niche stands as one of its strengths. Despite the activity being made legal only a few years back and is still considered in its infant stages, Singapore came out with its clubs swinging to make the business a success. This has been highly achieved by the launch of the Marina Bay Sands resort, which is the largest hotel in the world. The hotel hosts a casino that holds an ample selection of slots, table games, and other indulgences. The resort also hosts 2500 rooms, nightclubs, pools, and a Universal theme park.


Not many people think of Paris as a gambling city since it was not originally known or built on the activity. Even so, this French metropolis adds a vast choice range of gambling clubs among its attracting features for its millions of visitors to enjoy. The thriving nature of the brick and mortar gaming industry in Paris is encouraged by the fact that online gambling is banned in France. Therefore, if you want some casino action, you will have to visit a real-life establishment.


The UK boasts one of the most thriving casino industries in the world, so it goes without saying that it would hold a couple of land-based gems to stand as attractions. London sits at the center of it all and is home to tens of casinos spread across the city. Most of these dens are open to the public while others such as the Ritz are only open to high rollers with some tables demanding as little as a 10,000-pound buy-in.

Wrap Up

These cities are bound to deliver a gambling experience of a lifetime, but only when carried out wisely. It is recommended to practice the games offered on the brick and mortar casino floors online where one can find free options that help save on cash.

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